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Sean Cody is a premium porn site that dedicates itself to gay porn. The male models are young guys, and many of them have never performed in porn films. Both straight and gay men are used in their videos, and you can enjoy only the hottest gay porn scenes on this site.

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The quality of these videos is impeccable and mostly amateur guys are seen performing in the porn scenes. Therefore, if gay porn stimulates you, then you can try out this premium porn site.

Today we are having a closer look at all their features so that our readers could judge it and decide whether they need to subscribe for its premium plans or not.

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Reasons that Make Sean Cody Popular

When Sean Cody was first launched it featured only masturbation videos, but it has gradually started providing more intense action too, and you can see much hardcore and bareback scenes today on this paid porn site.

You can also see a lot of porn scenes where guys are giving handjobs and blowjobs to each other. The fresh videos get uploaded in HD quality, and therefore you can enjoy the porn action to the fullest.

Men and boys with huge cocks can be seen on this site, and their perfectly toned body and bulging muscles only make you gasp with excitement. Therefore, this site provides a great treat to girls and gay men.

People generally think that one has to be gay to enjoy or perform in gay porn scenes, but Sean Cody is among the few sites who have been able to break this myth as most of the performers are gay, and they thoroughly enjoy what they are doing which is quite visible when their erection gets rock hard.

All these aspects make Sean Cody a popular porn site, and you cannot ignore this site if you are a lover of gay porn.

Website Pricing

The 2-day trial pack of this site is offered at $1. The monthly plan will cost you $27.99 whereas the three-month plan is offered at just $59.99. The yearly plan comes at $119.99 which is the most inexpensive plan when we consider the monthly charges it costs on a pro-rata basis.

However, you cannot pay for these plans in instalments as only one-time payment is accepted. All these plans are recurring so you need to unsubscribe them before they expire if you do not wish to continue them further.

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Site Statistics

  • Most popular porn stars (Male) – Daniel, Sean, Calvin

  • Total number of videos – 2.3K+

  • The average length of videos – 18 minutes

  • Maximum resolution of videos – 1080p

  • Download limit – No

  • Total number of photosets – 2.3K+

  • Photo slideshows – No

  • Watermarks on Photos – Yes but small

  • Maximum resolution of photos – 1080 pixels

  • DRM protection – NO


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Website Overview

Website address:

Estimated visits last month – 8 million

If you wish to see hot amateur boys perform in steamy gay action, then Sean Cody is a perfect site for you. Subscribers may not like a few things like you need to upgrade the basic premium plan if you wish to avail the downloading option but that does not stop you from streaming premium quality porn scenes.

There are thousands of hot men and boys who are ready to take the gay scenes to the next level and seem to be perfectly comfortable in what they are doing. Though most of these boys are amateur and perform only for this site, there are a few men who have managed to crack deals with other brands as well, and therefore we cannot guarantee the exclusivity of guys’ at least.

However, what we can guarantee is that the porn scenes are completely exclusive and you get to see only the best gay porn here. Most of the men here have cleanly shaved faces, hairless chests and crotches, and huge peckers which are good enough to turn any guy or girl on who lust for hot male bodies.

The overall pricing is fair enough, and the design of the site is appealing and user-friendly as well. These features make Sean Cody a tempting site for the gay porn lovers.



  • All the content on this site is exclusive which means that you won’t find them in other porn sites.

  • The porn videos are of high-quality and provide you with a perfect entertainment to fulfil your sexual urges.

  • The amateur and athletic jocks on this site are the central point of attraction for those who are crazy about hot and amateur gay porn.

  • There are professional gay performers as well, and the perfect blend of experienced and amateur talent can be seen in some gay porn scenes.

  • This site gets updated with fresh content thrice a week which is not great but good enough to manage with.

  • If you wish to watch or download the movies in your smartphone, then you can do that easily as they have a large collection of videos that are compatible with mobiles and tablets.

  • The streaming experience provided by the media player of this site is seamless and allows you to watch the gay erotic videos without any interruption.

  • The percentage of HD videos is quite good and more than one-third of the videos are available in full HD which is a great thing for the individuals who prefer only high-quality porn videos.

  • The camera-angles are precise and let you explore and view the bodies and expressions of the performers. Also, the production values are pretty high which is visible when you look at the videos. The exotic locations, decent costumes, adorable settings, and steamy visuals are good enough to make your pearls roll as you reach on the verge of climax seamlessly.

  • If you love to see muscular guys perform solo masturbation scenes, then Sean Cody has plenty of them, especially in their older archives.

  • There are also gay threesomes and group sex scenes which can be quite erotic in their way.

  • You will find cute guys, handsome men, rough dudes and all types of boys who are capable of turning you on. Also, these guys are from different origins, and you can often see interracial sex scenes on this site.

  • There are thousands of exclusive gay porn scenes to choose from, and these scenes consist of mainly masturbation clips and hardcore gay sex videos.

  • The updates usually comprise of a couple of hardcore sex scenes and one solo masturbation sex scene which gets uploaded on a weekly basis. These scenes get uploaded on Thursday, Monday, and Saturday precisely and therefore, you know on which days you have to log-in if you in search of fresh gay porn.

  • There are adult picture sets on this site too, and you will find a picture set for every porn scene here. It is a good thing for those who are interested in viewing adult photo sets as well.

  • The porn scenes on Sean Cody follow a realistic approach to the actual sex part. The guys do not hurry in the scene and take time to converse, tease and flirt with each other before actually hitting the bed. Therefore, most of these videos look natural, and you get aroused easily by their horny and seducing performances.

  • The buffering speed is excellent, and the streaming player resizes according to the resolution of the porn clips. Using the media player to skip a few scenes forward is seamless and provides you with a smooth porn ride for sure.

  • If you have a thing for hot American dudes, then you will get to see plenty of them, and most of them are first-timers. Therefore, the naive boys and their athletic bodies will certainly win you over and you can even fall in love with them.


  • The basic membership plan does not include the downloading option. You will have to pay for downloading on a per video basis. Mostly these video downloads will cost you 1 or 2 dollars, and this can be quite frustrating to pay now and then especially for those who are interested in downloading. However, the good part is that you can upgrade the plan by paying an additional one-time fee and though it is not costly it will still charge you extra for each month. Also, the downloading cost is applicable only to the new members those who have availed the membership after Dec 2017.

  • The bonus sites are not available on subscription of premium membership which is a huge disappointment for the individuals who are in search of sites that provide additional porn content.

  • You cannot comment on the scenes and pictures which might upset a few chirpy members.

  • There are more than 160 pages on this site, and it offers to skip only a few pages at once. Therefore, it gets inconvenient to reach out to the older scenes and even if you finally reach the older pages returning to the fresh ones gets difficult.

  • The older scenes are not in HD, and some of them even have poor quality.

  • Most of the dudes are white here, and so there is a real dearth of Asian and Black men.

  • The trial pack of 2 days provides restricted access which can be quite upsetting to the new members.


Competition & Support

Sean Cody has many competitors in the online porn market. The gay section of PornHub has a wide collection of porn videos, and though they are not exclusive videos, most of them are available in HD quality especially for the premium members.

“Men” is another gay porn site which has established itself in the industry by providing a wide range of gay porn. Apart from these, BelamiOnline, JizzOrgy is some of the other paid gay porn sites which are doing quite well these days.

The support team of Sean Cody is excellent and is prompt to answer and find solutions to your complaints and queries.

  • You can call on 00-800-5566-0000 if you are facing any issue in billing. Alternatively, you can also contact then on Skype using this number: tel:+18557165890

  • For live chat and other options provided by their support team, please visit the below page:

Final Verdict

Sean Cody is a perfect porn site for those who are interested in amateur gay porn. It has a decent interface and many search options that provide convenience to the members. However, the lack of premium bonus sites and slow update policy are among the few concerns this site has.

Downloading costs you extra and this is not a cool feature which has been trending recently in some of the premium porn sites. However, it should not trouble you much if you are not into downloading. Overall, we recommend you to try this site once, and you might like the hot gay porn featured here.

Conclusive Thoughts

This was everything about Sean Cody, a gay porn site which has been around for years and has continued to be a strong competitor for the other gay sites. Tell us which gay porn sites you like and also share your experiences with any of the premium porn sites.

Enjoy porn and do not forget Sean Cody if you like to watch gay porn.

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