From My Buddy Neal Boortz:

Chief Justice Roy Moore put that monument with the Ten Commandments on state property to, in his own words, acknowledge that the State of Alabama derives its legal code from God, from the Christian religion. Yesterday, in a piece written for The Wall Street Journal, Moore said that the federal judge who has ordered the monument’s removal is “telling the state of Alabama that it may not acknowledge God.” Which God, Mr. Moore? Allah? Buddha? Zeus? Most rational people know which God Moore is referring to. It’s the God worshiped in the Christian Church. The Christian God who gave the Ten Commandments to Moses. Moore wants the State of Alabama to recognize this particular God, and that’s why that monument was placed in the judicial building. Most rational people can see that this effectively, at least in Roy Moore’s mind, establishes Christianity as the official religion of the State of Alabama .


Let’s get on to the larger issue here.

What is it about some Christians in this country that drives them to try to push their religious beliefs into the fabric of our government? It’s not just about the Ten Commandments in a government building; it’s also about prayer in government schools.

The purpose of government is not to promote or even to recognize any religious belief. The purpose of government is to make sure that every citizen is allowed to pursue their religious faith freely and without either limitation, intimidation or coercion from any other person.


If you believe, as I do, that the Ten Commandments are divinely inspired then you are perfectly free to make as many copies as you desire and post them where you can see them virtually all day. Tape them to the walls in every room of your home and onto the dashboard of your car. Print them on a card in your wallet and, if your employer doesn’t object (after all, it’s his property, not yours) post them on your office wall. You can recite them when you get up in the morning, and again before you go to bed at night. Who knows? If you’re pure and righteous enough, you may even bring yourself to live by them! You and you fellow church members are also free to have the Ten Commandments in every single room of your church. You can arrive at church an hour early every Sunday and just sit there and stare at them.


Why, then, is it so important for you to have them posted in a government building? Are you going to stop by the Alabama Judicial Building every day to gaze at the Ten Commandments? I dare say that most of the people who are supporting Roy Moore in Alabama never ventured down to that judicial building until this controversy erupted.


OK … Now I’ll answer my own question. I know why this is so important to you. It’s the same reason why prayer in government schools is important. It’s not for you, is it? You have your own Ten Commandments at home, and you make sure your kids pray at home too. It’s for those other people, isn’t it? It’s for all of those people who don’t get the same exposure to the Ten Commandments and to prayer that you do. You can’t reach them in their homes. You can’t force them to go to church. You can’t take control of their car radio for a morning sermon. So … get them when they walk into a government building! Get the children to pray in the government school, and put those Ten Commandments right there in the lobby of that government building where everybody who enters has to see them.


Now … for those of you who don’t believe that the real issue here is forcing others to recognize Christian dogma, just take a look at some of those signs people are waving behind Roy Moore the next time he steps up to a bank of microphones. That ought to convince you.

And a Final Thought on The State of California:

Republican candidate Peter Ueberroth has some interesting statistics for those of you who think this “tax the rich” thing is such a good idea. In 2001 there were 44,000 taxpayers in California reporting incomes of $1,000,000 or more. One year later there are only 29,000. In 2000 millionaires paid $15 billion in California income taxes. That was 37% of the total amount of state income tax paid by all Californians. One year later this figure was cut almost in half, down to $8 billion or 25% of total state income taxes paid. Some of this is due to reduced incomes for some high-achievers. But the evidence is clear. Wealthy Californians are voting with moving vans. They’re leaving. They’re leaving for greener pastures where their business aren’t so over-regulated, where they can actually afford worker’s compensation insurance, where they don’t have to pay employees not to work, and where they can keep more of the money they earn.


Just a few years ago Democrats were telling the rest of the country “Watch California ! We’re in charge out there. We have the legislature, the Governor’s office, and the two U.S. Senators. Watch what we can do! See how good things can be with Democrats in control!”


Fine. They’re in control and California is in the tank. Businesses are packing up and leaving to escape high taxes and oppressive regulation. Spending is out of control. Illegal aliens are voting by the thousands and, in some cases, actually controlling local elections. This is what Democrats have brought California . Now let’s watch them try to fix things up. Californians made this bed, let them lay in it a bit longer.

Hamilton Steele Questions my Southern Heritage:

Hey Mike,

This is what happens when I can’t fall asleep at night. I noticed you had my yahoo group options set to no email. So I’m sending you a copy before JimmyD calls you.


I will be the first person to admit that I have had a hard time trying to figure out Mike South. Lets face it, here is a pornographer earning a living in Bum-Fuck Georgia. (Seeing as I am also from a Bum-fuck no place, I can understand and appreciate the appeal of living in such a location.) My only question has always been, “how does he do it?” I’ve been to his website and he has some damn nice samples of slut ass on it. But fuck they aren’t porn chicks and Mike certainly doesn’t look like my buddy Nick Manning. If Mike was in the porn valley I could simply say, “eh where this is a buck, there is a porn chick to fuck.” But alas, I’m rambling and off topic.

Mike wrote this statement on his website, “The enemy of my enemy is not always my friend.”

That’s profound and very wise. I’ve been told that Mike has a big cock. Not that I care because I don’t intend to ever get close to it! But I’m a meat puppet and will readily admit that there isn’t enough blood in my body to run both my dick and my brain. Don’t laugh, I’m just telling it like it is. When I think I can’t fuck and when I fuck I can’t think.

Mike is also a very large man. Shit I don’t know what it is in Georgia but those bastards grow them big. Perhaps a man of Mike’s stature has enough vital body fluid to function with a boner. Or it’s perhaps as I have come to suspect that Mike South is really an Alien and here is my evidence.

1) He has friends in the mid-west and we all know that aliens love to grab farmers in the mid-west and give them anal probes.

2) Mike South has often been seen wearing a T-shirt that reads “100% Negro.” But Mike is obviously Caucasian. Only an Alien from another planet would make such a simple mistake.

3) Mike looks like a Georgian Bubba but he obviously has the technical knowledge to operate highly technical equipment. Think about it, he knows how to operate a camcorder, edit video and maintain a website. (I bet his VCR doesn’t even flash 12:00 on it)

[Actually all 4 of them flash 12:00]

4) I’m told he doesn’t know the first thing about a 350 Chevy big block engine.

[I always Preferred the 396 or the 454 in the Big Block Family and the 327 in the small blocks, though I had a small block 400 with 4 bolt mains once….solid little motor]

5) He doesn’t work in porn valley and gets hot chicks, which have never done porn, to fuck him on film. So they must either be androids or under the influence of an Alien Mind Control device.

6) He doesn’t make spelling or grammar mistakes in anything he writes. Come On People! This is a dead give away. Think about it! From Georgia and a Pornographer and has a strong grasp of the written language. I just can’t reconcile these things.

[OK that ones wrong, I make tons of spelling and grammatical errors here, the evidence that I might be alien is that y’all cant see em.]

7) He makes frequent trips to Porn Valley, but has anyone ever seen him film anything while he is down here? NO! What he is doing is gathering DNA material from porn sets to clone his own master race of Porn Slut harlots to take over the world. (And he is mad that Nick Manning sells his man juice at a greatly inflated price… Alien command must have a budget.)

8) Adella at Digital Playground is one of his friends. Hmm! Digital Playground? Sounds like some sort of Alien computer base. And aren’t we now in the midst of a mega computer virus problem? Hmm the SoBig virus… Like Mike’s stature or his dick. (Not that I care because I don’t intend to ever get close to it!)

9) Mike always knows what is going on in the Porn Valley. Shit, I don’t know whom the girl is I’m going to get to fuck when I’m set. How the hell does he know what’s going on in porn valley from 3 time zones away?

10) I’ve been told Mike wears underwear. Everyone knows that pornographers never wear underwear. What is more perplexing is for such a smart guy he doesn’t cash in on his fame and sell them like Nick Manning.
Shit I even did a search on Ebay for used Mike South boxers. (Purely for research… I have no intention of ever buying a pair. After his entire unit would had to have been in them and I don’t intend to ever get close to it or anything that held it!)

So there you have it, my proof that Mike South is really an Alien


Just damn I dunno if this should offend me or if I should take it as a compliment. For my peace of mind I reckon I will take it as a compliment…it is kinda funny though and it tickles me to be a topic of conversation tween JimmyD and Hamilton Steele.


Yes I admit it, I’m a geek. I was there at midnight to purchase “The Two Towers” even brought it home and watched it…Flawless Filmmaking and the first look at “Return of the King” due out in 3 months. Without a doubt worth the 14.99 price I paid for it.

The Gift That Keeps on Giving:

Wicked Pictures had to cancel shooting of “Wicked’s Pool Party” on Sunday when 5 of the performers called in with “feminine problems”. Word is that they aint feminine problems at all but STD Problems. There’s a wicked (Pardon the pun) outbreak of The Clap in Porn Valley right now, even AIM has issued an advisory.

For all of AIMs hoopla about testing, getting tested for the clap every 30 days may be a feel good measure but it damn sure wont keep these outbreaks from happening, by 30 days everyone in porn pretty much has it.

Performer responsibility sure would be nice but don’t hold your breath.

Another Gift That Keeps on Giving:

I am still getting the sobig virus at a rate of almost 500 per hour so if you read this site and haven’t followed the link to disinfect your system…do it hell do it once a day just to be sure you havent be re-infected.

Devon Returns:

After a bit of an absense, Devon will return to host the DPTonight Show Tuesday Night.. There’s been a ton of speculation about where she has been, honestly I don’t know I wish her the best regardless.

I Have met The Enemy:

In a talk forum recently Tom Byron has made some rather passionate pleas for us all to help poor Rob Black and his wife Lizard. He makes statements like Rob isn’t the enemy, Ashcroft is, blah blah.

Sorry Tommy, go take another hit off your bong and drag your ass back into the exile you so richly deserve. You see Rob and Lizard ARE the enemy because they have been harmful to the adult industry and just because they wear a different face than the enemy that the Federal Government represents, they are still an enemy. I for one would relish seeing Rob and Lizard in jail, not for obscenity though. Of course the brain trust over there chose to ship that shit via the U.S. Mail and that’s about as dumb as your decision to ally yourself with Rob in the first place.

The enemy of my enemy is not always my friend, and the fact is most people in porn hate the position we have been put in by this loud mouthed punk. Remember about a year ago on this site….I listed Extreme as the most likely candidate for for a federal bust…I hate beng right all the time.

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