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From Not Luke He Says I M NINN I say Good for Him !

Backstory-my short version-(dates are approximate)  Michael Ninn, extremely artistic director/writer/producer and owner of NinnWorx,  teams us with John Gray, owner of Spearmint Rhino Gentleman’s Clubs to form Ninn_Worx/SR.  Several beautiful Contract girls are on board- Brea Bennett, Jana Jordan, Rene Perez, Nikki Kane, and Cassidey. Cassidey wasn’t sure she wanted to be a contract girl again but Michael convinced her to sign.

“This girl has been on my wish list since we did that first speculative shoot with her back in the summer. I have had this ‘Four’ project in the works for a while now, and I kept looking for individual girls with the perfect combination of strength and beauty to portray each of the lead female characters in this project. ” Ninn says, ” It also made sense to bring them into contract status, as the promotion for this movie is going to be heavy and I’d prefer that the stars would be available for all of those events and signings that we are planning. Cassidey not only fits what I have in mind for ‘The Four’, but also has great chemistry with my other contract stars.” 

The budget busting movie ” Four” gets made. The cast appears at the AVN Convention in Vegas, and then everything begins to fall apart….

March 6 Nikki Kane leaves Ninn Worx_SR   From her myspace blog- “Ninn Worx_SR and I have mutually decided to part ways and I will once again be a free-lance performer. It has been an amicable dissolution and there are no hard feelings on either side. It is for the best in regard to both parties.”

March 10  Jana Jordan leaves Ninn Worx_SR  “I love Ninn Worx, they make extremely amazing, extremely beautiful erotic movies.” said Jordan. “At this point though, I want to explore a more hardcore side of my sexuality.”
April 10 Cassidey leaves Ninn Worx_SR  “I really enjoyed working with everyone at Ninn Worx_SR particualrly Michael and working on the Epic ‘THE FOUR’ , – Ninn Worx_SR … (it) was a rewarding challenge, that I’ll always feel proud to have been a part of. I am equally excited at again being independent and available to roam around from studio to studio as the directors cast me, you know I’ve always been a rolling stone, right?”

June 5– Press release comes out saying that Michael Ninn is taking a hiatus because he is exhausted from working on The Four.

June 16– The Shit hits the Fan!   Michael Ninn releases his own press release.

The director previously known as Michael Ninn has left his association with Ninn Worx_SR – A Spearmint Rhino Company. IMNINN plans to embark on a new multi-media project that will deliver the singular fusion of creative imagery and hardcore adult entertainment that has marked his legendary 16-year career, from his days at Western Visuals to his most current partnership in Ninn Worx_SR.

“I would first like to apologize to the people who believed in me over the last eight months as I made my path through a journey called Ninn Worx_SR. I publicly apologize to Brea Bennett, Cassidey, Jana Jordan, Nikki Kane and Renee Perez, who believed in me and a dream I had, called Ninn Worx_SR. You did not deserve the way you have been treated, the half-truths you were told, nor the lack of respect you were given. My support for you, my crew and every other person that believed in me and my dream never failed. However, because of my belief in what Ninn Worx_SR could be, I find myself on the outside of my own company, looking in. A place I never imagined I’d be, but a fitting place none the less for me. I join you on the outside of Ninn Worx_SR, not a broken man, but a person who choose conscience over wealth, respect over disrespect and truth over half truths,” stated IMNINN.

Looking forward to the future, IMNINN is currently building a new internet presence and producing and directing adult and mainstream entertainment titles, building an entirely new catalog for the burgeoning enterprise.

IMNINN admits that he’s reached a turning point in his career, “There comes a time in most people’s life when you must make this choice; to put the better good above ones self, that wealth is not as important as well being and doing the right thing makes you a better person in spite of the out come. I say to you today, I stand on the outside of Ninn Worx_SR along with my contract stars and my crew, knowing that I no longer have to live with the lie that the check is in the mail or that the corporate committee will get back to you, as soon as they have reviewed your invoice and have reached a decision on paying you.”
IMNINN continues, ” I feel this is not an end at all, but just the beginning. I enter the next phase of the Ninn Worx_SR relationship with a positive attitude and a firm belief in our legal system and welcome the challenges ahead.”

What happened to “The Four”?

Coming soon-


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