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FSC Decides to Create New Division for Health & Safety

FSC Moves Ahead with Plans for Production Health & Safety Services
May 6, 2011
As a result of conversations with adult industry producers, agents and performers, and in response to the closing of AIM, the Free Speech Coalition’s Board of Directors has voted to support the creation of APHSS (Adult Performers Health and Safety Services). This entity will focus on performer health and safety and coordinate heath protocols and services for adult productions. Included in this effort will be:

Selection of high quality, industry-friendly and affordable testing and treatment facilities for adult performers
Provision of a secure database to provide information to performers and producers on performer availability based on industry protocol
Provision of resources for compliance with workplace safety procedures for producer
Provision of training about STI prevention and treatment for performers
Creation of a six-person advisory board to assist with adult production health and safety policy and oversight. The Board will consist of three performers, one attorney, one sexual health expert and one producer
Coordination of industry practices and protocols concerning health and safety for adult productions

FSC next week will announce the time and date for a combined meeting of producers, directors, performers and agents. The details of APHSS will be discussed at that meeting as well as APHSS’ expected launch date.

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