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FSC Director Michelle L. LeBlanc To Appear On Serial Scumbag James Bartholet’s podcast


This is fucking disgusting:


James Bartholet has booked a starry panel for “Inside the Industry” tonight: Free Speech Coalition Executive Director Michelle L. LeBlanc, MILF star Rachael Cavalli and starlet Emy Reyes will take the mic on from 7 to 9 p.m. (PDT).

FSC, the brand that’s supposed to be protecting adult performers, is lending it’s name to one of the biggest predators in the industry. How many times do you need to be accused of sexual assault before you’re relegated to Z-list girls looking for some Asian cocaine for co-hosting?

You would think over at FSC would be vetting Michelle’s appearance requests, someone didn’t do their homework here.

The leading advocacy group propping up one of the worst people in porn is truly disappointing..People will see his name along side FSC and think James is a good person, he IS NOT.

The other day, i had heard a rumor that TTS was trying to cut PASS out of the STD panel reporting.. I reached out to several people, including the FSC for more info…Crickets from FSC…

What I should of done was drugged a porn chick, fucked her in the ass, sold the content, then invited Michele onto my podcast.

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