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FSC Identifies TWO tests for HIV; one Approved by Brazzers?

NL- This letter was sent out today by the FSC.

April 23, 2012
Dear Producers, Directors, Performers and Agents,

There has been a great deal of discussion as of late as to the best HIV test option for performers.  For years, our industry has utilized PCR DNA as the off label (non FDA approved for detection or diagnostic) standard HIV test for performers.  Although not sanctioned by the FDA, the medical professionals at AIM chose this test because it was the best test to determine the presence of HIV—especially for acute (recently contracted) infections. 

There continues to be great progress in the research, testing, detection and diagnosis of HIV.  For some HIV tests the window of time between the point of contracting HIV and viral detection has decreased to as little as 9-11 days. And, tests have become increasingly sensitive, thus increasing the accuracy of test results.

 After considerable research and contact with infectious disease specialists, pathologists and physicians, we at APHSS (Adult Performer Health and Safety Services) have identified two tests that best meet the needs of our performer population.  They are the Aptima HIV-1 RNA Qualitative Assay and the Abbot RealTime HIV 1 Assay.  Both tests have the 9 to 11 day window mentioned above. 

While the Aptima test is sanctioned by the FDA for detection and diagnosis, the off-label use of the Abbot test has also been identified by experts as an excellent option for the industry because of the doctor’s ability to know the value of the viral load. 

Beginning May 15th all APHSS testing sites will utilize either the Abbot or Aptima PCR RNA tests.  Feel free to contact me at [email protected] if you have any questions or would like additional information.  

Thank you,

 Diane Duke

Executive Director 

(The program is operated by Free Speech Coalition)

NL-Let me just start out by asking why, when there are two closely matched tests,  we would push a test that so far is not sanctioned by the FDA, and is only used off-label? Not that it is right or wrong, because it was done by AIM before, but just why? Why would it be something important for FSC to mention right now? Rumor is that the why is because Brazzers wants to use only Cutting Edge Testing for their performers, and the Abbot test is what their lab uses….

Mr Thylmann has not yet answered my request for confirmation on this.

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