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FSC is the boy who cried wolf

The FSC lost credibility with me a long, long time ago. They’ve lied so many times to us, it’s hard to even keep track of the bullshit they spew anymore.

Seriously, it’s just sad. Yet for some reason some people still support them. Why? I have no idea.

Their most recently stunt is a scare tactic sent out to all performers informing them that their personal and private information is about to be released to the AHF via a court order. They issue it as a good deed, like they are warning you, because they are on your side and the AHF is evil.

Okay the Aids Healthcare Foundation might be a little on the evil side but erst assured, the FSC isn’t to far behind.

Here is a copy of the “warning” they sent out to every performer in the adult industry who is in their PASS database.

Dear PASS Performers,

We have received information and documentation that Michael Weinstein and AHF have issued subpoenas to TTS and CET for performer medical information. This is of grave concern for us as we always hold performer privacy as an important right and protection. It is critical that you let the testing facilities know that you do NOT want your medical information given over to AHF. Doing so will not only confirm that you do not want your information handed over to AHF, but also will provide an additional layer of protection for the testing facilities that refuse to relinquish your information.

Please see the draft letter below. Simply copy and paste the text into an email, sign by typing your name in the appropriate space, and send one to each testing facility at the addresses provided. 

Cutting Edge Testing

[email protected]

Talent Testing Service

[email protected]


August 20, 2015


Dear Talent Testing Service or Cutting Edge Testing, 

I understand that Michael Weinstein as a party to the Measure B Litigation and AIDS Healthcare Foundation (Case Number 13-CV-00190-ddP-AGR) have issued a Subpoena to Produce Documents which include the medical information of patients identified as adult film performers or those associated with adult films. 

As a patient of your clinic, I strongly object to the sharing or disclosure of any of my records, medical information, medical records, and personal identifying information. I hereby revoke any prior HIPAA waivers or permission granted to your clinic with regard to the above referenced subpoena. 

Do not under any circumstances, even if redacted, provide any of the subpoenaed documents! I am asserting the protections provided by HIPAA, the Federal Constitution, the California Constitution, the California Health and Safety Code, and all other applicable State and Federal Statutes. You will be subject to monetary damages, attorney’s fees and costs if you do not comply with my request.



 Performers are requested to take action on this as soon as possible.

Thanks to Mike South we were able to get our hands on the actual court order. Seriously, we need to give Mike South huge kudos for doing his due diligence on this. Was this hard to get? Turns out nope. Anyone could have if they bothered to try. Mike South himself said “Getting a copy of the subpoena was easy because it is public record, I asked and a copy was sent to me.

Subpoena- The actual Court Order in Question

So here is what it comes down to …. The FSC is just using this court order as a scare tactic. While it is true the testing centers are required to turn over certain medical information – what they aren’t turning over is any identifying details such as your name, address or anything else.

It will be like 17 people on August 15, 2015 tested positive for HPV. It won’t say who those 17 people are.

TTS told Mike South  … “They have indicated to me that if they have to comply they will remove all identifying information, so all that is sent is essentially the numbers. As others have pointed out AHF doesn’t care WHO got an STD they want to know HOW MANY.”

The testing protocols and procedures appear to be at issue in this case. It’s not about your medical information at all. It’s not a witch hunt to publicly out anyone who has had herpes. It’s about how testing is done in the first place.

Next is the issue of the “send a letter”. That won’t do anyone any good. It only serves to scare performers and to make people think the FSC is on top of things. This is a court order my friends. You can’t stop a court order. These testing centers must turn over your medical information, whether you like it or not.

Sending an email won’t matter. Sending a certification revocation waiver won’t matter. They have to comply with a court order. But in the end, it doesn’t really matter because this court order doesn’t reveal YOUR identity or any identifying details about you. All your personal details are redacted (blacked out).

So why did the FSC send out that letter to all those porn stars, scaring them into thinking their personal and private information was about to be released to the public?

I wished I knew. Obliviously it’s a scare tactic. But why would they do such a douche baggy thing? Why wouldn’t they instead do something more helpful like provide VALID information (the full story – like we have here) and then offer legal services to the testing centers – or at the very least, some legal advice.

But they didn’t. Instead they sent out not one, but two different warning emails to performers and let’s not forget the press release, needlessly worrying performers about something that wasn’t true. Yet another FSC lie.

The question is, why would they do that?

The court order never said to release your personal and private information. The FSC knew this. So why the fuck would the FSC be such lying douche bags? I wished I knew.

One would think they would have better things to do with their time.

So long story short, despite what some people may want you to believe, your personal and private information is not about to be exposed to the world. It’s not about to become part of public court record. Your identifying information will be blacked out.

But don’t just take my word for it – read the subpoena yourself. Talk to Talent Testing Service yourself.

Find out the facts and don’t let people like the FSC scare you into thinking something that isn’t true. The real question is, why are they doing it?

I wished I knew the answer to that one.

The FSC is very clearly not on the side of the performer. They are like two parents in a divorce, with each side using the poor kids stuck in the middle (in this case the kids are the performers) to try and hurt the other, but in the end it’s really only the kids that end up getting long term damage.

Fuck you FSC!

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