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FSC Launches Campaign To Fight AHF/Condom Vote

FSC Speaks About Launch of No on Government Waste Campaign

Free Speech Coalition (FSC) announced today the launch of a campaign against the AIDS Healthcare Foundation sponsored measure mandating condoms in the adult film industry in LA County — Measure B.

No on Government Waste, a broad-based coalition of business organizations, entertainment companies, community activists and healthcare advocates announced the campaign launch this week to media outlets nationwide.

The campaign has polled likely voters in LA County to determine their position on Measure B.

“There is a clear path to win this campaign,” said Diane Duke FSC CEO and No on Government Waste committee member. “The key will be to educate voters about the harm to performers and the taxpayer expense that comes with this flawed measure.”

Los Angeles County estimates the initial start-up costs for the inspection and permitting program would come to more than $300,000 per year in administration, salary and benefits for county inspectors, but with Film LA, Inc., the film-permitting arm for Los Angeles County, estimating less than 480 permits issued for all adult film shoots, the program could start losing money from its launch.

Measure B also stipulates standards for conduct on sets during filming that could require actors and film crew to wear gloves, goggles and lab coats.

“The people of Los Angeles County can think of a lot better uses for the time of first responders, county health inspectors and other government personnel than hanging around an adult film shoot checking for condom usage,” said James Lee, spokesman for the No on Government Waste Committee. “Measure B is seriously flawed and is going to cost taxpayers money and cost them critical health services.”

No on Government Waste Committee

The Committee is comprised of entertainment companies, local business organizations, community activists, adult entertainment performers and healthcare advocates who oppose Measure B’s plan for creating an underfunded government inspection program diverting badly needed resources from local community clinics and under-served minority communities. The Committee will be launching its online program, which will provide additional information to interested voters.

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