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FSC Resorting To Scare Tactics To Get Their Way


After the FSC Board told Michelle to kick rocks, the FSC Twitter made these tweets….

And of course XBIZ, in their typical “I’ll promote you for some pussy” fashion, tried to give it some traction.

Reading the tenor of the tweet responses, I’d say only XBIZ fell for it. Not sure what the goal is here. Michelle is too far left to be running the FSC, this type of Newsom shit isn’t gonna work on a group of people who deal with the risk of STD’s fairly regularly. But this is just another example of Michelle being in over her head.

Notice these 12 + positive Covid people are oddly quiet on Twitter about it

We counted 3 performers talking about their positive tests. And I think only one of those was LA based.

The goal here is to make TTS look bad for bypassing PASS. TTS is doing a fine job of that all on their own, these “the sky is falling tweets” aren’t doing anything but making FSC look like amateur hour at CNN.

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