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Update: CalOSHA, AHF’s Campaign to Mandate Condoms

Since 2009, AIDS Healthcare Foundation has been waging a campaign against the adult industry in order to mandate regulations for condom use on adult production sets.
Shortly after AHF began filing complaints against AIM (AIM Medical Associates), several adult industry talent agencies and production companies, FSC started working with CalOSHA to develop industry-appropriate regulation. In an effort to protect the rights and safety of performers and the business interests of adult industry producers, we have been working with OSHA compliance experts, industry stakeholders and CalOSHA to  develop new regulations.

One of the complaints filed by AHF in September has resulted in Hustler/LFP being fined more than $14,000 for violating condom regulations, and Forsaken Productions cited for more than $12,000 in violations.
“CalOSHA is once again responding to complaints, not from performers, but from AHF – a media-hungry nonprofit famous for frivolous lawsuits, preposterous protests and perpetual press conferences, ” said FSC Executive Director Diane Duke. “At a time when the adult entertainment industry is working, in earnest, to develop industry-appropriate regulations, CalOSHA would do well to stay away from this kind of political grandstanding.”

If you are seeking information about the latest on CalOSHA and proposed workplace safety regulations, please contact (818) 348-9373, or [email protected]
Also, FSC has an exclusive publication available to members, and for a small fee to other industry businesses: ”Health and Safety Manual for Adult Businesses,” which gives you information on compliance with basic CalOSHA regulations and can be kept on-hand at your office or worksite.

The next medical meeting of CalOSHA’s Board of Directors addressing adult industry regulation, will be held on June 7th, at CalTrans building, 100 S. Main St. in downtown Los Angeles, at 10am. This meeting is open to the public.
FSC will continue to update the latest developments with CalOSHA, Please, follow us here at the FSC Blog, or @FSCArmy.

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