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FSC Says Thank You


FSC Thanks Those Who Helped Solidify LA Times and Daily News Endorsements
October 18, 2012
Free Speech Coalition (FSC) is heartened by a significant development today as both the L.A. Times and the Daily News newspapers have endorsed the No on Measure B campaign.

“The L.A. Times and the Daily News reach one million readers in L.A. County. Having the endorsement of these and several other local publications sends a clear recommendation to voters to vote no on Measure B,” said FSC CEO Diane Duke.

“We are very grateful to the industry members and experts that stepped up to meet with these publications as spokespeople for the local adult production industry,” Duke added.

Industry members, experts and local representatives that met with the Daily News editorial board include performers Steven St Croix, Kayden Cross, Wicked Pictures owner Steve Orenstein, Cutting Edge Testing’s Dr. Peter Miao, Valley Industries and Commerce Association (VICA) President Stuart Waldman, and No On Measure B Media Director James Lee, as well as FSC’s Duke.

Additionally, the meeting with the L.A. Times editorial board was attended by performer Nina Hartley, Vivid Entertainment founder Steve Hirsch, VICA President Stuart Waldman, attorney and FSC chair Jeffrey Douglas, FSC’s Duke, and No on Measure B’s Lee.

“FSC wants to thank everyone that helped to represent the adult industry at the meetings with these important publications,” Duke continued. “Because we were able to explain the industry’s concerns and the serious flaws with Measure B, we have gained these important endorsements. Thank you!”

Measure B, the Los Angeles “Safer Sex” initiative, requires adult performers to use condoms and other forms of barrier protection on production sets and – if passed – would force County officials to implement elaborate enforcement protocols with a new County agency for adult production inspection. FSC and the adult industry stand in opposition to this flawed scheme, citing cost to L.A. taxpayers and warning that Measure B would drive the adult production industry from the Los Angeles area.

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