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FSC To Take PASS Offline For Remainder Of Week

The FSC posted this a little while ago. Timing is mighty convenient. For you new people PASS being down = DO NOT SHOOT and DO NOT DO CONTENT.

FSC has been made aware of an inconsistency in the way a handful of recent tests were processed. There have been no positive tests for HIV, nor do we suspect any threat to the integrity of the performer pool. However, out of an abundance of caution, FSC PASS will go offline for several days while a small number of performers are retested. During this time, we ask that all production halt.

As we have already called for a voluntary production hold to limit the spread of coronavirus, we do not anticipate this new hold to cause much additional disruption. However, we do require that all production halt until we definitively establish the integrity of the performer pool.

We anticipate that PASS will be offline for the rest of the week, as current restrictions on business operation and travel could potentially impact our ability to conduct the retests more quickly. As always, we will keep the community informed as soon as we know more.

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