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FSC’s Adult Industry Coronavirus (COVID-19) Advisory Update #DoubleSecretProbation

The FSC updated its blog today. Never heard of 2 productions holds at one time.. Of course those 2 production holds didn’t slow down Kendra Sunderland and Damon Dice or Kyler Quinn and Nathan Bronson.


3/23/20 Update: Adult Industry Coronavirus (COVID-19) Advisory

The voluntary shutdown of all adult entertainment productions in the United States and Canada will remain in effect until further notice. Please note that there is a separate, mandatory hold in effect at this time as well.

Over the past few days, FSC has received multiple reports of performers who have been quarantined at home with presumptive cases of coronavirus. Due to the widespread lack of testing, this is the standard procedure for most people presumed to have coronavirus.

Due to the fast-moving spread of this virus and the stay-at-home orders in California, Nevada, and a growing number of regions across the continent, we urge all of you to stay home, leaving only for essentials.

For our own safety and the safety of the community, no one should be shooting or creating content with partners who are not a part of their household.

We will provide more updates as we are able.

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