Fuck the Police?!?

I guess in her case it was more like ‘fucked’ by the Police. Officer. Singular.

Bert Lopez, a Police Officer in New Mexico was busted for doing his usual public service, but this time he really went above and beyond the call of duty! Most news sources have blurred out the face of the female ‘collaborator’, but there’s our boy Bert plain as day! (and with his utility belt on no less)

Sure, in the adult industry there’s no shortage of ‘getting off’ when it comes to being busted by the boys in blue, but getting caught BUSTING your blue boys on surveillance cam is a natural disaster.

STOP. Integrity time.

This is suppose to be the moral part of this ‘opinion’ piece, but I’m having a hard time hating him for this. Maybe it comes with the territory—I work in porn for crying out loud. Also, we don’t technically know who the female is in the shot [yet]… does that matter? I guess I can say this: “BERT, WHY ARE YOU SO STUPID? BROAD DAYLIGHT??? At least you didn’t bang her on the hood of YOUR car, so Kudos! (?)

Judge him all you want I guess, for the most part I will not partake. But really, what a way to get out of ticket.
More on this story can be found here: CBSNews.com

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