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Fuck Your iPad

A couple fun new NSFW items have hit the market recently – one for men, the other for women! Let’s start with perhaps the greatest thing to happen to male masturbation since the Fleshlight© – a fleshy new compatible iPad case you stick your dong into! Our prayers have been answered, and this shit is genius!


One step closer to fucking robots!


The Fleshlight LaunchPAD is brought to you by Interactive Life Forms, the creators of the Fleshlight itself. It’s really the smartest step a company like this could take.

BUY THIS NAOW! CUZ SEX ROBOT SAYS SO! This fucking device allows you to keep a firm grip on your favourite sex toy, while watching your favourite smut-site or talking to a lady friend via Skype! Utilizing this setup would truly elevate POV porn to a whole new level!


Next up on the chopping block is a ladies bikini. But not just any bikini – the Ta-Ta-Top! Entirely not-safe-for-LIFE! This fucking garment will make you want to do just that – fuck the lady wearing this obscenity.



Things of this nature have existed before but this shit comes in MULTIPLE COLOURS! Match that skin tone ladies, and people will be ogling you more than ever. Instagram has even banned the #tata hashtag, so the company has decided to present all images to you themselves! Here’s a few for your viewing pleasure:


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