Fucked-up Fashion News: Lingerie Now for Men!

In a bit of recent shocking news, women’s styled lingerie is now available for men to wear. Now, dudes looking to explore their soft, silky side can do so freely with a whole line-up of lingerie targeted at kinky men…who’s the bitch now?!

 Check out HommeMystere China Doll – Lingerie for Men.

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www.xdress.com ~ Lingerie made just for men

www.bodyaware.com ~ Underware by Bodyaware


Researchers say that it is healthy for men to wear woman’s underwear if it doesn’t interfere with their sexual performance. For example, if the only way a guy can have an orgasm is while wearing women lingerie then this is where it becomes unhealthy. Your sex life will become limiting and mundane. You will need to explore other areas to become sexually aroused and if that doesn’t work you, you would need to see a sex therapist for counseling to help you explore other ways to orgasm.

For all you men out there that love wearing silky ladies panties here is an article for you: My Wife Found My Lingerie, Now She’s Mad – What Next?

For all the ladies out there having a hard time understanding why your man wants to wear woman’s lingerie, this ones for you: Why Women Can’t Stand It When Men Wear Lingerie

He says he is shopping for his wife. Yeah right!

This guy loves panties so much he made a quilt out of them!!!! HAHAHA
No cheap dollar store panties for him!
He only wants classy panties! Like silk or nylon, sexy Victoria Secret panties!
What ever floats your boat I guess!


I wonder if this guy is wearing panties?

Ok, now it is just getting too weird! Back to men wearing womens underwear. . .


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