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Hello everyone, my name is Kelli Roberts. For those of you who don’t know the big news yet, I am now in full control of this website. Cindi has graciously let me take over the site and run it as my own. I have been in the adult industry since August of 1996 so needless to say I’m by no means a newbie. ?  For those of you who would like to file a complaint about Cindi’s decision to turn the site over to me may see the newly established complaint policy below.

Now with that out of the way, I wanted to thank you for your patience during the update earlier this week. By now that should be past us, I’m sure most of us have gotten their DNS updated from their ISP and the propagation is complete. If you are seeing this message then that means you are all good.

The site, over the past few months has undergone some new rules which basically was, as a reminder, if you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say anything at all. For the most part that has been no problem at all. A very very few of you have not taken well to the new site rules and have taken to verbal abuse and threats. Those people are being issued a final warning and have one more chance to behave or they will find their accounts on this website banned. Again the site rule is …

If you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say anything at all

This is not your website so if you don’t like the rules, go somewhere else. Period. No ifs and’s or butts about it. If you would like to file a complaint about how this website is run you have two options …

  • 1) Write Cindi a check for $50,000 USD and she will sell you this website so you can do whatever you so desire with this site.
  • 2) Go start your own website and bitch about it there.  This isn’t your website so you don’t really get a say in how things are run.  Sorry but that’s just how it is. Get over it already.

If you would like to contribute to the website, as in doing things like porn star interviews, photos from industry events and what not, please click the contact us page and let us know. You will get credit for your work including a link back to your website.

Each month we will be posting a movie of the month,  highlighting some movie I pick at random. I don’t really have any method of preferences. I really will just pick a movie I happen to like for some reason or the other and display it on our new section of the site called THE MOVIE OF THE MONTH. Of course you will get the box covers, the movie description, any other information I have about the movie, sometimes some behind the scenes shots and the trailer. This month, well for October 2013 (just started a few days early) we picked the Vivid movie The New Behind the Green Door.

I’ve spent years helping porn stars and that’s something I’ve always prided myself on and as such I’ve decided another new feature of this site will be THE PORN STAR OF THE MONTH. I will take a performer of my choosing and highlight their career including their twitter account and official website if they have one, a wishlist, whatever she wants me to promote about her. This site has some decent traffic and I want to put some of that to good and help a girl out by pushing her brand. I haven’t decided who I am going to pick first but I still have a few days for the first of October so we’ll know by then. ?

If you have any other ideas or new features you would like us to highlight on the site, just click the contact us link and let us know.





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