Funny and Horrific Pornstar Tattoos

I absolutely love seeing examples of interesting tattoos.  I also love pornstars! One would think that when we see those two things mixed together we’d have something truly great right?  Ha, that assumption would be dead wrong!

Here is a collection of Tattoos featuring some of the adult industry’s biggest stars. Some of these pornstar tattoos feature remarkable detail and come out well, others not so much. These porn lovers immortalized their favorite pornstars on their bodies, the question is, was it a good idea?  Either way I enjoy bad decisions that are also permanent!

Christy Mack

Porn Punk Princess Christy Mack has become a huge star in the adult industry. She also has a love for tattoos and many love her alt style. Is it ironic that she herself appear in tattoos?  No, in my opinion it’s not ironic, it’s just terrible!

Christy Mack TattooChristy Mack Tattoo 02

So what do you think? Below is video from Porn.com Featuring Christy Mack…you be the judge!

Beautiful Woman Shows Off Her Ass Outside provided by PORN.COM

Eva Angelina


Sure, this one is a bit closer to the mark but in the tattoo version it looks like Eva has a mean sunburn or needs to start using Proactiv right away! Here’s a Video featuring Eva in all her real-life glory!

Do You Know The Taste In Fucking The Cock, Come And Watch provided by PORN.COM

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Sasha Grey

This dark haired cutie is a favorite Pornstar of many around the world. Can you spot the real Sasha Grey below? I bet you can…



Yikes! Want to see even more of Sasha? Here is one of my personal favorites below!

Cute Brunette Chick Gets Fucked In Her Blue Thong provided by PORN.COM

Sasha Grey is one cute brunette chick I cant resist!  Some of these tattoos…that’s a completely different story!

Ron Jeremy

Ron Jeremy is a living legend in porn and has become a recognizable icon even outside the adult industry. He’s funny, intelligent and despite his…ah…physique, he can still satisfy the ladies!  Considering these facts would you get a Ron Jeremy tattoo?


Looking good Ron! It reminds me of a day not too long ago…


We hope you’ve enjoyed this collection of some of the funniest and most horrific Pornstar tattoos in existence.

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