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Funny you should ask, but yes, I used to look a lot different!

I wrote this sometime in 2000 as part of my bio. I was on a number of adult radio & talk shows after this was put out. The hosts were all quite surprised when I gave them an answer they certainly weren’t looking for at the end of the interview. They wanted to know what name I used to work under. I’ll tell you, tomorrow……

Born and raised in boring Binghamton New York, (3 hours n of the city)
Happy babyhood.
Unhappy childhood
Rebellious teenager
Moved out when I was 17.

I chose a new name and did my first movie at 18 years old. Actually it
was a video.  Like a lot of people I was attracted to the lifestyle and the money. I liked the opportunity to role play.  At first I really didn’t know what I was doing, I was nervous. It was also a big step in responsibility for me; showing up on time, doing my own hair, and makeup. 

It was exciting! I studied, and I learned my “craft”. After my first few times I came out of my shell, and I wasn’t afraid anymore. It was amazing to me how quickly success came my way. I guess it was something I was born to do. I was good at it. BOY WAS I GOOD!  I really never thought I would get to the level I did. It got to where I was recognized on the street.

I was doing at least two appearances every weekend. I even did some private parties. I couldn’t believe the amount of money people would pay me to goof around and drink their liquor! You could even say I was famous. I did enjoy all that attention and admiration, for a while. I was even making my own novelty line. 

After several years in the business I was involved in a car accident. While I was recouperating, I had to make a decision. Did I want to go back to where I was, or make a change? I realized this was my chance to get out. I decided that this was my opportunity to change my appearance slightly, I threw out the contacts and got glasses. I knew my nose would never be the same but I didn’t care.  I stopped working out everyday and really didn’t mind the twenty pounds I gained.

I threw out those ridiculous shoes! I just turned into an average girl. Those of you who knew me then, wouldn’t even recognize me now!

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