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FYI My MySpace page has been VIOLATED

Last weekend the type style on my page changed.  There were a couple little things that were different, but nothing important. I thought it was funny. Then I started getting a lot of spam to my inbox, you know those fake adds for friends that come with pictures of hot girls that try to get you to go to a site with naked pictures. (Yeah, I don’t see enough of that) I didn’t worry about it because I was planning on only using the page until THIS weekend when I told everyone who i was. Today I noticed that a couple other things had been added to my profile that I didn’t write. They are slightly humorous, so I left them….

“I HAVE 500 visits to this page and only 300 friends? How could you possibly come here and not make me your friend??? Either send me a request or accept mine. I am amazingly intelligent, funny, friendly, enlightening, intriguing, and the coolest person you could ever meet. Plus I know a bunch of people in the adult industry, including hot porn chik stars.”

“BOOKS-  Dr Seuss, The Encyclopedia, and Satanic Verses”

So don’t send me anything important to myspace. Contact me from now on through the button up top that says E-mail Luke instead.

I also have some interview questions I’m waiting to get back from porn stars  (like Adrenalynn) that are worth waiting for. I think I’ll keep the profile on myspace for a while longer, and see what happens.

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