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“G” says Let’s Talk About Sex…

“G” as in Glenn is a model, actor, singer, writer (no not a porn star), and I thought his Sex Facts were interesting. Here’s his myspace addy 



1. The most common fantasy is oral sex.

2. The average man loses and regains his erection up to 4 times during intercourse.

3. Studies show that women fantasize more during sex than men do.

4. A modest pucker utilizes 2 facial muscles, but a full-fledged, passionate kiss employs 34. The result: A 1-minute kiss burns roughly 26 calories.

5. Just like how women have a “G-Spot”, men have the equivalent, which is called the “P-Spot”.

6. Only about a third of women cum during straight intercourse.

7. Each day, there are over 120 million sexual intercourse taking place all over the world.

8. The largest erect penis on record is 13.5 inches long and the smallest erect penis is just 0.39 cm long.

9. A female orgasm is a power painkiller (because of the release of endorphins), so headaches are actually a bad excuse not to have sex.

10. Sex is not only a good act in terms of exercise, but it also improves blood circulation

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