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Gala Cruz Wants to Have Sex with You

Gala Cruz writes:

Hi Luke with 7000 visitors a day I am not sure you have time to check all those emails that you must get, including this one,however I must try, I have a could-be-related-question, I did some work in the industry years back, sadly but not surprising I am not listed under your Porn Star´s list, Gala Cruz is been long gone, I never completely left,  as it seems to happen to some of us, I am originally from Mexico City, 6 months ago I moved back to my country, to Playa del Carmen (1hr south of Cancun) to be more specific, before leaving I stashed all my porn paraphernalia in a little box ( that “born for porn” t-shirt, other from world modeling given to me by Jim South at the convention, my last copy of the 5th horseman from Simon Wolf, a couple of used vibrators, etc)  I gave it away, Gala was going to stay behind, (wishful thinking) here I am in Mexico working my ass, as opposed to working with my ass, here I am and I see, the Riviera Maya is a beautiful place,lots of inhabited places to shoot at, cenotes, virgin beaches,etc,the salaries here are a shit,shit,shit, and the girls are well, just beautiful, young, sexy,Mexican (is that good or bad?) and never shoot before,remember salaries are pretty bad, at least for the world as I know it, maybe not to them, but I do know girls here aren’t expensive.
I am going somewhere here, then I think I want to shoot here in Mexico, or open a cam house with Latin girls, or both, I speak the language, I know the people,the place and the laws,so my question been: where can I find a partner that would be interested in doing work in Mexico? where could I advertise? all of my contacts where in that little now infamous box,I found you I guess I could find Jim South, I am not sure he´ll remember me right away or that he would be any help at all, maybe Robert Herrera from SWP, last time I talked to him he wasn´t producing anymore just distributing, so then what? can I post on your site?, well not me but you? do I need to go to advertising? this doesn´t seem to be the kind of topic you advertise on your site, I am willing to find a partner and bring some good porn from and to Mexico.

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