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Game Of Thrones Saved Me From Prostitution

Josephine Gillan - Game of Thrones Saved Me

Game Of Thrones (GOT) has been on everyone’s minds lately as we’re now past the half-way point in season six. The HBO show has captivated many with intricate plot lines, engaging characters, sweet-ass fantasy and even sweeter T & A. One actress routinely featured on Game of Thrones says she owes quite a bit to the show and without that gig, she most likely would have been a prostitute.

Sexy redhead, Josephine Gillan may have found stability in GOT but ironically the role she plays is that of a whore from the most popular brothel in King’s Landing. She was first offered an uncredited role during production of the second season.

“They were looking for young women with natural breasts and no tattoos who didn’t mind being filmed naked.” Says Gillan. “So I immediately sent in a picture.” Josephine continues, “They wrote back that they wanted me and I was thrilled because it was an amazing opportunity to do some proper acting.”

Josephine Gillan Nude In Game Of Thrones

Obviously the show’s creators liked what they saw as she was recalled during season three and her character was given the name of Marei. Since then, Josephine’s been credited in episodes for each subsequent season, even appearing on-screen during the most recent episode this past Sunday. Considering she plays one of Littlefinger’s prized whores, I’m sure we’ll see even more of her in episodes to come.

Josephine Gillan Nude In Game Of Thrones 02

Josephine demonstrated right away that she had a keen instinct for playing her role. She had no issues showing her nude body on camera but found that some of her male co-stars were not as confident during GOT nude scenes. “…the male actors are so uncomfortable doing sex scenes that I can usually feel them shaking nervously under me.” Says Gillan when asked about her scenes.

Josephine Gillan Nude Brothel Scene GOT

“I was working as a whore and making X-rated movies at the same time using the name Sophie O’Brien, when I saw an advert on a website for actresses in the film industry.” Gillan elaborates, “Game Of Thrones saved me from a life of prostitution, and has made me a much stronger person.”

Sophie O'Brien UK Porn Star

While her work as “Sophie O’Brien” was absolutely jaw-dropping, Josephine has moved on with her career so there’s currently no plans for more hardcore sex scenes from this UK actress. Sorry folks, it looks like we’ll need to visit a certain brothel in King’s Landing to get the full experience. Oh Lord Baelish…you sure have an eye for talent!

Sophie O'Brien Game Of Thrones Porn Star

We honestly couldn’t be happier that a single role has had such a positive impact on Josephine’s life. Earlier this year Josephine Gillan was also involved with a couple of independent movies that are currently in post-production.

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The best thing about Josephine is that this UK cutie is genuinely excited to be involved with Game of Thrones every minute of the day. A sexy redhead fangirl who’s just a stone’s throw away from the Iron Throne? sign me up!

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We continue to wish Josephine Gillan the very best as she successfully transitioned from porn to one of the most popular TV shows of all time. Her role on GOT may draw from some of her natural talents opposed to serious acting chops but it’s served as a great stepping-stone for Josephine and demand for this ginger beauty is certainly on the rise.

What was your favorite naked moment in Game of Thrones? No spoilers please!  Let’s simply celebrate the very best tits in all of Westeros (oh and we’ll include you too Free City of Braavos)!

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