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Gamma Films Institutes Production Code of Conduct for Performers, Crew

(Montreal, QC / January 11, 2019) — Gamma Films Group announces that it has issued a code of conduct in an effort to protect its performers and crew from any form of harassment or misconduct before, during or after a studio’s film production.

“As a company, we care deeply about the safety and well-being of our industry and everyone in it,” said Karl Bernard, President, Gamma Films Group Inc.

Key excerpts from the Production Code of Conduct have been released regarding the Expected Conduct of Contractors, Subcontractors and Representatives working with the company and its subsidiaries.

  • Maintain appropriate boundaries in professional relationships with Performers, and not use the power inherent in [their] position to exercise unreasonable or inappropriate authority over Performers, crew members or other Representatives
  • Not engage in physical, psychological or sexual harassment of any Performer, crew member or Representative. Harassment may be a single incident or a persistent pattern of behavior where the purpose is to create a hostile, offensive, or an intimidating environment
  • No Representative, Contractor or Subcontractor shall demand or solicit any personal sexual favors from Performers on or off set, offer the exchange of work, gifts or influence in casting in return for sexual favors from prospective Performers, or solicit or accept gifts or sexual favors off set in exchange for casting and/or preferential treatment on set.
  • Regarding its ‘go-see’ policy, a Performer/Representative meeting should be scheduled and at the time of the meeting a third party shall be present. Any Contractor, Representative or crew member found arranging private ‘go-sees’ will be terminated.
  • It is not permissible or acceptable to use a position of authority to imply, suggest, promise, threaten, coerce, lure, entice or reward Performers with casting or work in return for sexual or other forms of favors. Being in a position of authority, it is critical for everyone to feel safe and supported. It is never, under any circumstances, appropriate to engage in sexual activity while working for Gamma on set.
  • All performers will be required to complete a checklist of acts or scenarios with which they are not comfortable (known as a ‘no list’) and exchange the same with other Performers in the film and the Contractor prior to the start of any production.
  • The Contractor shall be responsible for discussing the ‘no lists’ with the Performers and all parties must sign off on the checklists. The Contractor shall be responsible for ensuring the points specified on the checklists are respected during filming.
  • Any Representative, Contractor or Subcontractor who witnesses acts of sexual harassment, is advised of any incidents of harassment or any violation of this Code of Conduct will be held accountable to immediately report the incident to Gamma.
  • If a Performer forgot personal property or has to finalize paperwork, for example, the Contractor or Representative will arrange for the property to be returned to a common place or the Performer’s agent, or for the paperwork to be completed in a common place. No Performer crew member or Representative should ever be invited to a Contractor’s house alone.
The excerpts noted above are part of a more comprehensive document that will be implemented across all of Gamma Films’ productions over the coming weeks, including Girlsway, – which is scheduled to resume full production in February – by producers who have reviewed and signed off on code of conduct.

Gamma Films’ next step will be to identify a third-party reporting process to offer Performers, crew members and Representatives, a means to safely report unwanted behavior by Contractors, Subcontractors, crew or Representatives.

“We want to ensure that a new standard of conduct is not only something that we discuss, but that we put into action,” said Bernard. “That starts with what we can improve within our own productions.”

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