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Gamma Releases Statement On Craven Moorehead

Gamma has released a statement on the allegations made against director Craven Moorehead by Aria Lee. The statement ignores allegations made by Gabriella Paltrova yesterday. There’s a lot to say, more on this later.


In January 2020, Gamma Films was made aware of allegations of misconduct by one of our independent third-party producers that may violate our Code of Conduct. In accordance with our usual due process for such situations, we have performed an independent investigation into these allegations — the conclusion of that investigation was that it has been impossible to validate the veracity of the allegations in question.

We never tolerate misconduct on the part of anyone involved with our production projects, as this violates our Code of Conduct. We always strive to provide an ethical and respectful work environment for anyone involved with our production projects and remain committed in supporting the performers, independent third-party producers, and business partners with whom we have an ongoing business relationship. We strongly encourage all parties to reach out should they ever experience a work environment that undermines their well-being and safety.

We firmly reiterate that the best course of action for anyone that alleges having been a victim of any sort of misconduct which may qualify as a criminal offence is to immediately bring forward such issues with their local law enforcement service.

Gamma Films Group

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