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“Gay for Pay” is Messed up says Lindsey LoveHands

This is from but it is an Op/ED by Lindsey Lovehands

“Gay for Pay” is messed up…
By Lindsey Lovehands

I just had to weigh in on this issue.  I realize that I’m a nobody in the ”porn world”  but I am amazed at the stupidity of the adult industry as a whole.  Mike and I have spoken many times about this issue.  How can they be so slack in the testing?  How can AIMS badger and bully VICTIMS in the outbreaks?  And of equal importance…how can a supposedly “straight guy” do gay porn and continue to call themselves straight?  I am not begrudging ANY performer for their hetero, homo, or somewhere in-between-o, leanings, however, the guys that shoot gay because the money is better…fine, great, I understand you are doing what you think is best for your family.  But don’t you think that you should stay on the gay side?  I understand that  you have kids and a wife and you love them deeply…I do not doubt that for a second.  Nevertheless, I believe that you should stay in that genre.  I do girls…in my personal AND public life…because I like to do girls… a LOT.  But I believe that a man doing gay porn is somewhat non-sensical…maybe even a little hypocritical…but definately dangerous to those of us on the straight side.  Are you concerned with getting labeled “gay?”  Well perhaps you are a little…just like I openly say I am a LOT lesbian…I LOVE girls!

The problem is, as you know, is you are creating seemingly endless patient ZERO matrices when there is the inevitable outbreak.  The multiplicity of partners is so exponentially large that it makes my head hurt.  Do you remember those old Pantene shampoo commercials where the girl said “I told my friend and they told their friend and so on…and so on….and so on…”  and the TV screen just starts increasing by many columns wide and tall, like a fantasy multi-plexer, full of hot-ass women?  Well I certainly do anyway….lol.  Regardless, guys, if your SO knows what you are doing, great, more power to you.  But let’s just keep the playing fields seperate..and don’t try to make this some kind of crazy issue either…this is not about sexual orientation, color, creed…ANY of that…it’s about health.

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