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Gemma Massey is getting a boob reduction

Former Bluebird Films contract star Gemma Massey has decided to say goodbye to her porn star ways and this year has begun the journey back to life as a normal girl. Of course that’s much easier said than done with you have the massive sized bazooms that she does. Or should I say … DID. This July, Gemma is going in for breast reduction surgery.

Gemma Massey March 2014


Gemma Massey doesn’t state specifically what the reason is for her breast reduction surgery or what size she’ll be, only that she is having the procedure done in July and is looking forward to it.

Gemma Massey is now retired from making adult movies and enjoys spending her time developing her new business which she started last February where she does semi permanent make up tattoo’ing in her hometown of Tamworth in England.



Gemma Massey March 2014 Gemma Massey March 2014

Photo Source: Mike Cohen-Photography

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