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Gen Padova’s First Time

She replies to the MySpace questionaire, “The first time I…”:

1.Fell in love the first time?
I believe I was about 19 years old ?

2. Got a myspace account?
I think at 23.

3. Got drunk ?
Ummm… 13 if I remember correctly.

4. Smoked weed?
Never have. I think I was about 16 when someone smoked it near me and I freaked out.

5. Got french kissed?
Me thinks I was 19, I could be wrong.

6. Went to the hospital for surgery?
Nevah, WOOHOO!

7. Got your heart broken badly?
19 or 20… I just can’t remember the exact age.

8. Lost a pet?
Sometime in junior high. I miss my Bonkers ?

9. Got arrested?
Never did. Phew!

10. Smoked a Cigarette?
Nope, didn’t do that either.

11. Broken a bone?
The nose I believe at 11.

12. Went to a concert?
Ummm 21 I think.

13. Got your own mobile phone?
Right as I turned 18. That was a big deposit!

14. Got a speeding ticket?
Nope, none of those either.

15. Ran away?
Never had to do that ?

16. Snuck out of the house?
Never had to do that either. I never really wanted to leave the house and when I did, my parents encouraged me to get out LOL

17. Pierced other than your ears?
Belly button at 18.

18. Got a tattoo?
Soon after I turned 18.

19. Bought porn?
I never had to! ?

20. Went to a club?
I was 20… strip club and I danced on stage all at the first time! YEESH!

21. Transfered to a new school?
Uhhhh… I just don’t remember

22. Totaled a car?
Nope, never did.

23. Moved out of your parents house?
I believe I was 20.

24. Drove more than 100 miles alone?
Around 19 or 20 years old to San Luis Obispo LOL and lost my virginity. WOOT!

25. How old are you now?
ahem… 26

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