Gender Swap – Fun With VR

Gender Swap - Fun With VR

“Gender Swap” is a fun experiment using virtual reality (VR) to bring people a new and often enlightening experience.

The project was spearheaded by BeAnother Lab and MIT to create the most accurate VR simulation possible. Both users use a combination Oculus VR headset and a first-person camera. The end result gives each user a glimpse into the world of the opposite gender. The video is NSFW (as you’d imagine) and features a cutie with a great pair of tits.

Watch the demo video below…

Gender Swap – Experiment with The Machine to Be Another from BeAnotherLab on Vimeo.

The premise of “The Machine to Be Another” is interesting and helps explore gender identity but the technology is still in it’s infancy. Currently, both users need to be synced in terms of the gestures they perform. They therefore need to make the same movements for the experience to work.

Gender Swap in action

Participants get a POV or Point of View perspective that is really cool. POV is nothing new to porn, and mixed with a VR headset, POV sex can be even better!

The problem becomes trying to get any work done on a computer when you can look down and see a nice set of boobs! We’re not exactly creating “The Matrix” yet, but each step like this brings us closer.

Check it out for yourself. Projects like this give us a look into the future of VR porn and what to expect moving forward.

What do you think of the Gender Swap program? Can you think of other “stimulating” uses of VR? Tell us in the comments or on Twitter @worldsbestporn.

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