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Genesis Skye Interview

The girl who used to be known as porn star Genesis Skye tells PornValleyNews:

I heard Haley Paige died. That’s so crazy. I worked with her. It’s weird that she died… It’s kind of creepy. I’m not very surprised tho. I remember hearing she used a lot of Xanax. I’m so glad I’m home… You have no idea. My boyfriend and I are rehearsing right now. We have a wedding tomorrow. We’re singing the unity song, so we have to write music for it. We haven’t even practiced it yet. I’ve been working. I just started my job about a week ago. I’m the coffee girl at the gas station.

…And as for Chico Wang… [Laughs] I really don’t even know how to react to the news that he’s dead. I want to cry, because I was kind of close to him. At the same time, however, I want to laugh. My god… I’m so glad I’m not in L.A. anymore.

RAY: I think the number of girls doing adult has tripled since you left.

GENESIS: They’re dumb. [Laughs] I’m not trying to be mean, but seriously — most of those girls are going to end up wanting to kill themselves. Or they’re going to get so strung-out on drugs that they’re not going to work. It’s just the way it goes. These girls are young and dumb. They get into the porn industry not realizing what they’re walking into.

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