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Georgina Spelvin Invites All to her 73rd Birthday Party.

MY BFFL is going to be 73!!!!!

BIRTHDAY PARTY For Georgina Spelvin

and you are invited and it’s not at some overpriced overcrowed club!

What are you doing next weekend? Well if you are in LA, you should be going to this party.

Hubby John & Georgina

YOU ARE INVITED to her 73rd Birthday Party, Sunday, March 1st, 7pm at Skylight Books, 1818 N. Vermont Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90027 (323) 660-1175.  She’ll be reading all new excerpts from her memoir, The Devil Made Me Do. Georgina is talented, funny as hell and more adorable then she was 40 years ago!  After the reading and Q & A,  you’ll schmooze and she’ll sign books and or movies or whatever you want her too. She doesn’t make appearances very often. See her while you have the chance, it will definitely be worth your while.  THERE WILL BE CAKES AND ALE!

Wish I could be there. So make sure you tell her that you read Cindi’s site.

Thanks guys!

Her Official site

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