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Georgina Spelvin Reports What She’s Up To…Exclusive

42nd St Pete

If you’re into sex film history, tune in to Jackalope 105 FM for a Halloween treat.

42nd Street Pete called me and we chatted for hours. One hour’s worth of our remicences will air Saturday, October 31st at 7pm PDT and will repeat Monday, November 2nd – same time. Here’s the link to his site for more info and where you can click and listen from any computer that has even the most primitive sound card – like mine.

In other news, three of the contributors to David Sterry’s HIGHLY ACLAIMED (even made the cover of the New York freakin Times Book Review by gosh) anthology, Hos, Hookers, Call Girls, and Rent Boys, have a forum where sex workers and other interested parties exchange histories and opinions. Aptly named:

In spite of having made nearly a hundred hard-core sex films, I knew zilch about the real world of sex-for-money – until I read this book – and then got to meet some of the other contributors at the readings we did here in LA. These ladies ROCK.

Flash for the CIA – if you want to get information out of a suspected terroritst, forget water boarding, snarly mastifs, or other primitive torture. Tie ’em up in a US Airways coach seat and make ’em sit there until they talk. It won’t take long. I’ve ALMOST recovered from my flights to and from San Francisco last month. Another week of physical therapy should do it. Can’t sit too long at the computer yet, though, so, for now, th-th-th-th—that’s all folks.


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