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Georgina Spelvin- Still a Hippy

Georgina Writes-

Howie Gordon (Richard Pacheco) just sent me this pic.

I emailed him back:
“Oh my stars and garters! When and where was this taken?
 Howie Gordon wrote:
“It came from backstage at the AFAA Erotic Awards when we both got
Best Supporting for THE DANCERS…I would guess 1982 or ’83. (I actually cropped it from a larger picture that also included Sidney Niekerk and John Leslie.)

I do believe that was my last appearance at the annual “company picnic,” which is how I thought of the awards festivals.

Boy. Talk about the glory years. Around then, I think everyone in the “other” movie industry thought we were on our way to equal footing with the “real” one.

Well, ha ha and ha.

Oh sure, there have been stellar “cross-over” incidents, but let’s face it, they are two very different worlds. I can only think, from my lofty position as most senior surviving retired actor of the latter, that there is a good reason for this. My good friend until his passing, the director and producer of sex films, Henri Pachard, used to say at any and every opportunity, “The trouble with you kids is, you don’t think sex is dirty. I’m trying to put the dirty back in it.”

He felt, probably rightly so, that I was one of the guilty ones. Howie (aka Richard Pacheco) was another. Howie’s beautiful and amazing wife, Carly, who was on the set when he and I did our “Shakespearean” sex scene (which, incidentally, Howie wrote) in Dancers, concurs.

As young hippies, we all wanted to build a better world. We still do. Unfettered presentation of the realities of life, including sex, was one of our goals. Sex, segregated from reality and there for it’s own sake only, was not.

Even though both of us have settled into monogamous marriages, finding the greatest satisfaction therein, our dedication to the demise of hypocracy has not waivered. I can’t wait for HIS book to come out. Soon, I hope.

Thanks for the memories, Howie.  

NL- You can read more of Georgina’s writing on her site  and on my other site

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