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Georgina Spelvin’s book motivates me to write mine.

I am writing a book. Yeah, I know, so are 5000 other people. BUT, i am actually writing one that will be published. I have no problem publishing it myself if I have too. And I am lucky to have enough first hand info to be way ahead of all those other “wannabee” book writers.

I have been through the book writing process, and the editing and the looking for a agent, and a publisher and all that. I went through that with my best friend Georgina Spelvin. She started with a bunch of diaries and notes she had kept through her days on the road and in the movies. She began to put them all together into a story of her life. I was privileged enough to get to read it when it was in the beginning stages. Through lots of hard work on her part, she took it from a rough draft into a finished book. And now Georgie  is doing book signings and selling books. I am very proud of her. And the book is an excellent read, with so much to offer. Once you start reading it, you won’t be able to put it down.

She has achieved what I hope too. But I have a long way to go.  And I know that with her help I will.   Happy Birthday Georgie. I hope the line for your book signing tonight was out the door!

You can get Georgina’s book at or on her website AUTOGRAPHED  “The Devil Made me do it”

I will write more about MY book in a couple more posts.

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