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“Get Smart” About 9-11

 OP/ED by PeeVee

9/11 conspiracies beware… I have the proof of what happened on that fateful date. Yes, I did ALL the research myself and perhaps you can find some other tie-ins that I missed. I would appreciate some research assistance.

On this tenth anniversary of 9/11 I’ve discovered the truth about what happened – who planned it and who created it.

There are many 9/11 conspiracies out there but none make sense without the linchpin to hold those theories together.

I’m here to tell you who planned 9/11. Are you ready? It was Mel Brooks! And I have the proof! No, this is not some guy who carries the same moniker, I’m talking about THE Mel Brooks… Not Mel Blank – though there are some conspiracy theories surrounding him. I’m talking the actual comedic genius Mel Brooks.

So hear me out before you decide to discount my theory.

Leslie Earl Robertson was born in 1928 – just 2 years after Mel Brooks. Is it too much to Fathom that they could have run across each other as Leslie Earl Robertson traveled the US designing buildings? The World Trade Center used a tube-frame structural design – this is VERY important because of what hollowed structures can be used for.

In January 1967, the Port Authority awarded $74 million in contracts to various steel suppliers, and Karl Koch was hired to erect the steel – Yes, that’s Karl with a K and Koch like in Koch Brothers who have been leading the Republican party as an evil empire for decades!

Tishman Realty & Construction was hired in February 1967 to oversee construction of the project. Think of that – February 1967! Think back now… What was one of the top rated TV shows in February 1967?

I began putting it together a few years ago and just recently decided to do the research. I had remembered an episode of Get Smart and took the time to research its name and date aired. Look it up yourself. The episode was called “Smart Fit, The Battle of Jericho.” In that episode Max goes to Las Vegas while on assignment following Frank Lloyd Joshua, a government contractor whose buildings KAOS mysteriously keep blowing up. Max learns that KAOS was actually building explosives into buildings as they were being erected. He then goes under cover as a construction worker at a government construction site in Washington DC. There he comes across hollowed bricks where the explosives would get built into the building.

Now think back… where have we come across hollow construction materials? Remember? The World Trade Center used a tube-frame structural design – Hollow tubes!

Now think back again… When did they hire Tishman Realty & Construction? February 1967 – THE EXACT MONTH THAT EPISODE OF GET SMART AIRED!!!

Leslie Earl Robertson waited until Mel Brooks released that episode so he knew how and who to hire to continue construction on the biggest insurance scam in history! They made billions, possibly trillions on the destruction of those buildings.

I know what you’re thinking, “How could explosives last 30 years”? Remember when that crew went into the WTC in January for supposed elevator maintenance?

Okay, so the explosives weren’t placed when they constructed the building. Instead, they put in place a means to place the nanothermite on a later date – access ports in the tube-frame structural support.

I know you think I’m a conspiracy theorist for believing this but the means doesn’t matter. It’s the fact that I believe there are people out there who would actually do this. Sure, Mel Brooks may have wrote it but do you really believe that no one back then would look at that episode and think, “Wow, what a great way to make millions of dollars.”

The scientific community is littered with inventions thought of by Gene Roddenberry on Star Trek. Is it too much to believe that Mel Brooks’ Get Smart didn’t have viewers who thought about what they could do with his ideas?

Are you enraged at me making fun of 9/11? GOOD! Because that’s what the 9/11 Commission did!

I’m not making fun of 9/11. I’m making fun of the 9/11 Commission that saw fit to ignore testimony that varied from the official story… That means that all the testimony of so called 9/11 conspiracists who testified to what actually happened was ignored. Without a proper investigation, my theory could be true as much as anything else. As long as the government doesn’t do its job, we’ll never know the truth.

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