Getting to Know Jessa Rhodes @missjessarhodes

Jessa Rhodes is a true blonde sensation. It all began in 2011 when she filmed her first scene in Miami. But to really get to know Jessa we need to start from the beginning.

Jessa Rhodes grew up in Oregon. She was the youngest of seven children. Yes you read that right — SEVEN! She attributes that as the reason why she was so shy growing up.

This beautiful blonde was home schooled until she was in sixth grade and that’s really when everything changed for her. As she entered a real school with others her age, she began to socialize with others and do sports. She even got pretty good grades.

Things at home weren’t always easy though and she ended up leaving home when she was fifteen years old. She worked a lot of odd jobs to make ends meet, even once at McDonald’s. By seventeen she would begin stripping. One day she decided to take things a little further and began doing some webcam work. It wasn’t long before she was scouted by a talent agent and the rest as they say is history.

She started out slow. Although she began filming in 2011 she didn’t do her first anal until 2017, which was for Jules Jordan. Then again when you are as hot as Jessa Rhodes, you can pretty much write your own ticket.

That’s not to say things have always been easy for her though. She worked hard to get where she is today and has always been known by many in the industry as a true gem with a great personality. It’s her playful personality that many have said, sets her apart.

But let’s be real, she is still HOT HOT HOT!! I mean incredibly, mind blowingly beautiful, both on the inside and out!

What I like most about Jessa Rhodes is that even though she maybe one of the prettiest girls in porn, she doesn’t seem to know it. She really is just that sweet of a person. She doesn’t act like she even knows just how super hot she is.

Nowadays when she’s not making movies like her latest scene for the newly launched Tushy Raw, which holy shit is crazy good, she’s on the road feature dancing. She also has a really good scene you should check out over at Vixen.

Jessa Rhodes

You can follow Jessa Rhodes on twitter @missjessarhodes.

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