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GFY Running Slow

Dean Capture posts on the number one porn webmaster board:

A Big “Fuck You” From Playboy…..

That’s how I feel when I complain about GFY being so slow, dragging and timing out. I see complaints here everyday and yet…..Playboy does nothing about it. Isn’t that like Playboy giving a big “Fuck You” to all of us? Here’s a website that generates an amazing amount of cash every month and instead of Playboy taking some time to tweak out the site so that it runs smoothly and efficiently….they pretty much tell us to “Fuck Off”.

Lensman – I love you man but your weakness is showing here. Your supposed to be one of the top dogs at Playboy and you can’t make a phone call and get this shit straightened out? You have an opportunity right now to “shine” with this issue and show everyone here how much control you REALLY have at Playboy. Make that call and tell them fucking IT people to get their shit together before you give all of them a fucking pink slip. I can’t believe someone with as much control as you have at Playboy…and you can’t seem to get this minor issue addressed.

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