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GFY Supports Tube Sites

GFY Supports Content Theft?


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Sacramento, CA – September, 25, 2009 – Adult Industry Webmaster discussion board “GFY” ( is in an uproar this morning as some of their most respected community supporters have deserted them. The discussion board is owned by Playboy, who has had some financial issues lately. Apparently, the management of GFY decided to skin their board by promoting a company who has very close ties with illegal tube sites. Illegal tube sites have gotten a bad rap over the last few years because of their practice of stealing video scenes from membership websites and uploading them to their websites where they showcase them for free. Thus, hurting the Adult Webmasters who depend on membership sales for their sites to stay alive. “Why would anyone join an adult website if these illegal tube sites are giving away our (stolen) product for free” expressed one very concerned Webmaster. Many believe that by accepting ad revenue from a company who promotes sites which have illegal “stolen” video scenes, GFY is in essence supporting content theft. 

“Content theft is a huge problem in our industry right now” says veteran lensman Dean Capture. “As someone who has sent numerous DMCA notices to illegal tube sites, I’m appalled that the industries leading community discussion board would accept ad revenue from a company who is so closely aligned with tube sites that have made a practice of showcasing stolen content.” Capture, who has been a member of GFY since 2002, has left the community (along with many other GFY personalities) in favor of communities that do not support content theft. 


(NL-The sites on the skin are traffic junky & pornhub & tube 8 )

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