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GGW’s Joe Francis in trouble, again…

Girls aren’t the only ones gone wild.

Joe Francis, 38, the millionaire behind the “Girls Gone Wild” empire, surrendered himself on Monday night to Los Angeles police. Francis was wanted on three misdemeanor counts of false imprisonment, one count of assault and one count of dissuading a witness from making a report, according to TMZ.

Francis’ bodyguard, Vagram Gegdzhyan, faces related charges of impersonating a public officer with intimidation and fraudulently using a badge, reports the Los Angeles Times.

The pair got themselves into trouble when, in January, Francis met three women at a Hollywood club. He reportedly brought them to his limousine and, though the women thought he was driving them back to their own car, took them to his home. It was when they tried to exit the limo that Gegdzhyan allegedly brought out a policeman’s badge and refused to let them leave.

Once at Francis’ home, a fight supposedly broke out between Francis and the ladies and he allegedly grabbed one woman by the throat and bashed her head against the tile floor.

After this, the women claim they were allowed to leave and called 911 from a taxi.

Francis claims none of the allegations are true.

The topless-video titan told TMZ that the women were in fact fighting one another, not him – and that he has the security footage to prove it.

Additionally, Francis told the website that there were two onlookers at his house that night who will testify on his behalf.

Francis is no stranger to legal troubles. The entrepreneur was indicted earlier this year for skipping out on a $2.5 million gambling debt and has previously been in hot water for filing false tax returns, bribing jail workers, assault and more.

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