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Gia Nova- her boobs could be a lightening rod- (pics)

Pictures here courtesy of Gia Nova

Excerpt from an interview for & mag

Gia-I’m the IT girl as far tattoos in Playboy goes.
Cindi- How can we see those pictures?
Gia-Most of the pictures are in the pay part of Playboy, but if you google hot wives, you can find some. Or you can google the model name I used, Kristina Nagova, and they will come up. That is almost an anagram for Gia Nova, that’s why i picked it. So people that recognized me would know….

…. ( on her fav feature dancing show…

Gia- Once my top comes off I have on a metal plated bra and I take an angle grinder to it.
Cindi: OW!
Gia: I am the only person on the circuit that does that.
Cindi: The only person crazy enough to do it! (Laughs) That sounds dangerous.
Gia: It is if you touch skin and I have before and it hurts like a mofo. 

Cindi: That’s like spinning sand paper, right?
Gia: It’s what you use to chip the rust off metal or chip off paint.
AF:  You wouldn’t want to go out to do that when it’s storming out either.
Gia: Well I have a cordless one, but I guess my boobs my be a lightening rod.

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