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Giana Taylor of Urban X Awards feels disrespected by Jeff Mullen


(August 3rd, 2009 Los Angeles)
Giana Taylor producer of the recent Urban X Awards, responds to the press release that Jeff Mullin director of “Not The Cosby’s XXX” sent out about being snubbed by the Urban X Awards.
“It really upsets me to read such stories such as the one released about the “Not The Cosbys XXX” not being nominated. The reason I am upset is because I put out press releases about the nomination deadlines, and I even extended them two times to give companies more time to submit movies.
For Jeff Mullin to put a negative story out such as the one he put
out is just very disrespectful to me, as the founder of Urban X  Awards, and to his
cast, to make them think that we would intentionally leave such a big movie out of
the nominations” stated Taylor. 
“Just like the AVN and XBIZ Awards, “which we have high regards for”, there is a certain nomination period in which you must submit your movies to be nominated.
I want everyone to know for the record, that Jeff Mullin, had not submitted that project for nomination. We don’t like to have any negative press on an event such as this, which everyone really enjoyed, went very well, and was well received.
To the cast of “Not the Cosbys XXX”, please contact the folks responsible for submitting that movie for dropping the ball and not submitting it for nominations.
We have a lot of respect for the work that Mr. Mullin and his production company does, he attended our awards program this year, and we hope that next year he would consider submitting projects to us on time, we would be very happy to include them” added Taylor.

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