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Gianna Lynn- It Ate My Face

by Gianna Lynn of

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Gianna writes- I am the biggest chicken shit when it comes to horror movies. I am the perfect scaredy-cat to bring to slasher films on the first date because I will also end up shivering on your lap by the end of the movie.

So imagine everyone’s surprise when I agreed to participate in my friend, Tommy Pistol’s trailer for his horror movie called It Ate His Face. It was the first horror-related anything I had taken any interest in since The Shining. (I’ll save any Shining-related stories for another time.)

The movie was themed after those guts-and-gore 80’s horror flicks. Like the kind where the quarterback, who proudly dons his varsity letterman’s jacket, is trying to seduce the ditzy head cheerleader in the backseat of his convertible. Then, they hear a noise….

So that was the basic plot line of It Ate His Face. My friends (who were played by Rocco Reed and Nikki Rhodes) and I were hanging out and getting stoned on a dark, dark night. And, of course, there was a lot of tease.

Nikki was making out with Rocco, I was making out with Nikki…blah, blah. And then all of a sudden…..Rocco’s dog hears a noise. Rocco and Nikki slowly go outside to investigate, leaving me all by my lonely self. And then……you can watch the rest of the movie to find out.

I absolutely enjoyed every last minute of making the movie. It was very hard work but it was worthwhile. Not once did anyone complain about the late hours or the ickiness of the fake blood and pig guts sticking on their skin. It was definitely team work. Everyone devoted a hundred and ten percent of their talents into creating this film which made such a delightful environment to work in. Also, it was a nice little change having my clothes on while a camera was in front of me.

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