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Gianna Lynn Reviews Bewitched on ABR has lots of great reviews from Teagan Presley NAKED, and now Teagan has her best friend Gianna doing reviews NAKED also! It’s free to watch, and of course do whatever else you do…..

Just up a new review by Gianna of Bewitched (great movie)

Teagan says, “I’m my own biggest critic, so its kind of hard having my best friend not only watch my movies, but actually review them.  I’m glad Gianna approved though!” Presley stars as the eighteen year old Tabitha in X-Play’s Bewitched, a role that just earned her three AVN nominations including Best Supporting Actress, Best Solo Sex Scene, and Best Couples Sex Scene with James Deen.  “Gianna’s reviews are getting better each time; I’m so proud of her.  I can’t wait till the day I get to devour her on film…its gonna get nasty!

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