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Ginger Banks Needs Your Money To Pay Corey Silverstein #GingerBanks #Lawsuit

Yesterday, legendary piece of shit Ginger Banks made it public she was being sued.  She made that public because she needs to raise $100,000 to defend herself in a lawsuit. When I saw that, I asked myself what attorney would want 100k to defend Ginger.

While I was fast asleep, I got my answer: Corey Silverstein.

Turns out, Mr. Silverstein has, or currently does represent another POS, Erika “Shrek’ Icon. Apparently, Shrek refers a number of people to Silverstein.

Why would Erika need an attorney on retainer? If I had to guess, it would be as a bully tactic. Say you signed a contract with Shrek, then you can’t afford to pay her anymore. After she tells you “to hook” and you say no, she reaches out to her lawyer who sends some sort of legal letter demanding payment. The porn chick, not versed in legalese, freaks out..

Now I have no knowledge of Silverstein and Erika’s legal relationship, I’m only surmising based on all of Shrek’s outlandish behavior over the last 7 years .

I’m also told that Silverstein collects a monthly $100 retainer from multiple people connected to the adult industry. Not there’s anything wrong with this, but when you look at Silverstein the lawyer, he’s licensed in Michigan, Washington DC, Georgia, Arizona, and New York.  But not in California or Nevada or Florida, where most porn is shot. Odd.

Below are some screencaps from the original lawsuit. The whole suit is posted in the comment section of this site.

Ginger’s mouth got her into trouble, I find humor in this. But its also sad.

Sad that Team Skeet, would pull this guys stuff based on Ginger Banks telling them to. Team Skeet is the same company that shot during a moratorium. Team Skeet, the ones who put up a Mercedes Carrera scene In January 2020, almost a year after she was arrested for sexual abuse of her own child, somehow is worried about what Ginger Banks has to say.

Ginger Banks is a fucking loser. This is the same bitch who films public nudity without the consent of those around her. She was forced to resign from APAC, has bullied countless performers, but still calls herself a “Sex workers advocate.” No, you’re a crazy fucking loon who should be locked away.

I hope this case drags on, costing Ginger everything…




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