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Ginger Lee Interview

She’s with Bad Ass Models.

I talk to her Sunday afternoon at Douglas Park in Santa Monica. Video Photo Gallery

In porn for over a year, she’s done more than 100 sex scenes.

Luke: “What do you love and hate about being a part of this industry?”

Ginger: “I love that it’s fun for me. I hate that a lot of people don’t get it. They’re assholes about it. About every twenty, there’s one. In the South, it’s worse.”

“I don’t ever do the parties because I don’t live here.”

“I took six months off to feature dance. This is my second time back. I do a a week [of porn] a month.”

“I was a dancer on and off for three years [before porn]. I’d leave and go back.”

Luke: “What do you do when you’re not [working]?”

Ginger: “Nothing. I go to the mall, watch movies, and hang out with my dog.”

Luke: “Why don’t you move to Los Angeles?”

Ginger: “Everything’s expensive and it’s too fast and I like my house in Nashville.”

“I like that there’s so much to do [in L.A.] and tons of people and lots of places to go shopping. I hate that everything’s so darn expensive.”

Luke: “When you were a little kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?”

Ginger: “A nurse. When I started training to be a nurse, I decided I didn’t want to be anymore.”

“The town I grew up in was really small. We’d go on dates to Walmart because it was a half-hour away. I just wanted to get out of there as soon as possible.”

Luke: “What are some of your earliest memories?”

Ginger: “Riding horses with my momma and having puppies all the time. My mom’s a doctor so we’d go to lots of different clients’ places and conferences.”

Luke: “What does your family think of your work?”

Ginger: “My [little] sister thinks it’s cool. My dad, he doesn’t care. And my mom, she’s not happy about it but she didn’t disown me.”

Luke: “Do they give you advice?”

Ginger: “No. They know it doesn’t work so they don’t do it.”]

Luke: “What are you goals for your life?”

Ginger: “Get out of this before I’m in it too long and do something with the schooling I did (Environmental Science and Epidemiology). I used to inspect water at hotels. I’ll go back to that. This just pays me.”

Luke: “How would your best friends describe you?”

Ginger: “As quiet and shy. I try to help people…and be in a good mood all the time.”

Ginger says her sex work hasn’t changed her relationship.

She says she gets recognized most often in airports. “I was in Connecticutt walking through the airport and somebody hugged me from behind. It was somebody who met me a couple of weeks ago [at a strip club]. Why are you hugging me? This is my real life.”


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