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Ginger Lee Update & Look Back

I interviewed Ginger Lee back in October 2006. Here’s a little bit of it-  

I was lucky enough to do a big interview, cover and layout with Ginger Lee. You can read most of it when it comes out in print around the 15th in Xcitement’s Adult Fun 411 or at But since I interviewed Ginger on Halloween night I decided to ask her what she thought about scary movies, ghosts and haunted houses. That part of our talk won’t be found anywhere but right here, right now!!!!!

I interviewed newbie Ginger Lee on Halloween evening, so I had some scary questions to ask!
So are you dressing up for Halloween?
No but I am handing out candy to all the little ones that come to the door. I live in a neighborhood with lots of little kids.
So you believe in Ghosts?
Yes. All that scary stuff. I believe it.

I’m not sure.
I don’t think so.
So do you believe in haunted houses?
Would you go spend the night there?
I want too! I was watching TV a couple nights ago and there was a scene in Kentucky where they went and did this paranormal tests and stuff at a house. I found out you can go spend the night in the haunted place. I want to go there and spend the night to see if it totally scares the crap out of me or if it’s totally not true.
Would you rather it scare the crap out of you or be not true?
I would rather it scare the crap out of me.
So you want it to be true.
I love scary movies. It’s been great this week. I’ve stayed up everynight all night because all the good scary movies are on regular TV
.Rocky Horror Picture Show was on last night. I love that movie. I have loved that movie forever! I probably saw it way to young, I was ten or eleven when I first saw it. And I didn’t understand it then, but I have seen it a million times since then, I’m like wow, holy crap!
It’s all about sex!
It is.
Guy/guy sex, gay sex, every kind of sex in it.
There is a little bit of everything.
Its not really scary though.

It’s funny. I just saw SAW and now I am worried that there is someone in the corner.
Did you just see the first SAW? Second? Or the newest?
I’ve seen one and two. So I went to the theater and saw three. It was creepy and gory and insane. It was good. It explained a lot of stuff from the others. But it scares me. I think someone could get in my house.
That’s what the problem is. I’m not scared of monsters and stuff. I am more scared of movies that show what crazy people do. Because that could really happen. Like the old time Psycho movies, those scare me.
Werewolves and vampires and aliens don’t really scare me. If it could actually happen that’s when it’s scary!


Ginger has surfaced in gossip blogs recently because of exchanging text messages with Rep. Weiner. (story here

Ginger has a great blog at  where she talks a lot about having a chronic illness called Lupus.

 Ginger was also featured in Frank Prather’s book, Pimpin Ain’t Easy. I did an interview with Frank which included talking about Ginger and his book.  (   
Frank wants the girls total commitment;  body, mind, soul and bank account. Sometimes they call him their agent, and sometimes their boyfriend, but at times he treats them like dirty disposable diapers. When he was “dating” Sasha Knox and Ginger Lee at the same time he had no problem changing one for the other.

 “On Night I took Sasha to dinner and explained that our little Southern Belle (Ginger Lee)  was  coming back… “Ginger is on all sorts of medication for her psychiatric problems. It only makes sense that she sleep in my room in case something happens.’

You can read more about Frank’s book or buy it here


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