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Ginger Lynn Drinks her Pee Video

by Darrah Ford of PornStarBabylon

I just finished rewatching the one hour video of Ginger Lynn’s first show last week on called ‘Dirty Divas’ which airs every Tuesday night. I just noticed now her saying she is newly single. Mark Davis and Ginger have been dating for a while and doing porn together. She once said she was very much in love. I thought she was finally happy and found a man to help raise her son. But she doesn’t say why they broke up. He was though just at Porn Star Karaoke last week where Ginger was also there with Stephanie Swift.

In her first episode, Ginger pees in a bucket, drinks it after, and pours it from her mouth into Stephanie Swift’s mouth. It’s the funniest thing I’ve seen in a while. On one hand I think it’s funny but then wonder why is Ginger doing this. There’s masterabating, Ginger with no panties, and drinking pee. An hour worth of debauchery for you. Watch the video here.

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