Ginger Pornstars for St. Patrick’s Day!

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1.) Faye Reagan

When I said the words “red-headed pornstar” your mind probably raced back to dirty thoughts of super-hot vixen, Faye Reagan and why wouldn’t you? After all, Faye has it all, being an ex-model for clothing brand, American Apparel, she’s got the slender, slinky body, a great set of natural tits and the cutest freckled face you’ll ever see.



Editor’s Choice Video #1


2.) Lilith Lust

Lilith Lust’s is a bonafide four alarm fire! Sadly, her career in porn was short and sweet, but that’s why we have the everlasting vault of the internet so you can always look back at her eternal beauty. Debuting in porn at age 23, Lilith started with girl-on-girl and then moved into hardcore. A self-admitted “Dr. Who” super fan, Lilith is the ultimate combo of brains and searing hot ginger beauty.


Lilith Lust0


3.) Justine Joli

Justine Joli is like a little ginger version of Audrey Hepburn with her pixie look and feisty, fun personality. She only did one hardcore scene in the very beginning of her career and now spends her time doing intricate lesbian scenes, writing, reading, running her own company and pursuing other artistic and creative avenues.



4.) Marie McCray

A seasoned performer of the adult industry, Marie McCray just never seems to age. Still being cast as a “teen” when she was about to enter her thirties, McCray is a living testament that red-headed girls age like fine wine, that or there may be some truth to the youth-preserving qualities of constantly getting facialized. Or who knows, maybe it’s just plain ol’ good genetics? Yeah, I don’t care either.



5.) Zoey Nixon

This spunky young ginger teen went into porn because she just loves sex. Plain and fucking simple. That’s it. No bullshit excuses about paying tuition or saving money so she can foot the bill for her dying dad’s open heart surgery. None of that crap. Finally, we have a red-headed fuck machine who is honest about why she loves working in porn and for that, we honor you on this list of sexiest red-headed pornstars ever! I always wonder why porn stars pick dead president’s names to incorporate into their own.



6.) Dani Woodward

Dani Woodward could’ve easily been a high-end fashion model with that perfectly gorgeous face and body of hers but lucky for us, she had to pay heed to her sexual inclinations and porn was a better fit than any other career she tried. Pun totally intended.



7.) Dani Jensen

Lusted and beloved by all, Dani Jensen has been steaming up screens for awhile now. Known for her spirited on-screen performances and her unnaturally juicy ass, given her petite frame, Dani has charmed the world over and rekindled massive interest in smoking-hot ginger girls.



8.) Nikki Rhodes

Can you believe this porn star is 33 years-old? I can’t! Another sign of proof that gingers age drastically slower than their blonde and brunette contemporaries. Is it the well-maintained pale skin? Probably? Fuck, I don’t know. I’m just hear to flash your dirty eyes with more tits and ass. Here ya go, sonny.

nikki rhodes

9.) Cameron Love

Here’s yet another red-headed pornstar cutie, Cameron Love. She’s been in the business for seven years, all of which she’s relished in fame and oodles of cold, hard cash. Like the above Dani Jensen, Cameron is packing a thick, juicy ass that’s so delicious you could almost take a bite out of it.




10.) Jessi Palmer

Hailing from the Midwest, Jessi is the tiniest girl on this roster, standing only at 4 feet and 11 inches. Weighting only 90 lbs, this porn star can suck and fuck like the best of them! Are you looking for a spinner chick? Look no further than Jessi Palmer. Jessi-palmer

11.) Allison Whyte

Allison is a blast from the past. Like literally as in I haven’t blasted a load to her in about decade, but she left enough of an impression for me to remember her as one of my first red-headed, ginger fuck fantasies. By the way, this is what happens when one’s first lay is a ginger. It switched something inside of me and I’ll forever be pining for a red-head. Anyway, Allison has TONS of free sexy porn videos on her page so instead about reading about my fantasies, go create your own. =)


12.) Audrey Hollander

What ginger pornstar list would be complete without its smutty queen? Audrey is one of those girls who has zero limits when it comes to sex. She marches right up to the edge of decency and does a nosedive off the cliff with no fucking parachute. Visit her profile page and I promise you that you will be witness to some of the most raunchy sex acts ever put on celluloid.


13.) Darla Crane

I’m saving the best for last! This fine-aged MILF has a stranglehold on cougar porn like an anaconda has on a poor meekrat or whatever the hell they eat. Not only is Darla is talented, sensual performer but she has the acting chops that would put half of Hollywood A-listers to shame! Just check her out in the bottom free video clip!



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Bonus Music!

Need music for St. Patrick’s Day? Listen to my Ultimate Irish Punk/Folk Rock Playlist! It’ll put you right in the mood! Cheers!

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