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“Gino Gultier is a true crossover superstar”!!!

NL-I’d never heard of the international porn superstar Gino Gultier until I received this email-

“Gino Gultier is a true crossover superstar”!!!  Having produced, directed, casted and starred in many straight, bisexual, gay, transexual, and even hermaphrodite adult films.
He has performed in counltess categories including interracial, performing with grannies and female midgets, bondage etc.

He has worked for well known XXX companies.
He has worked with legends in the XXX biz and also starred with many porn superstars.
Has an excellent reputation in the business !!!
Though he has worked in both mainstream and adult films successfully, people are surprised that when meeting Gino, He is friendly, has a greate sense of humor, and just a great wellrounded guy.
Like Gino Gultier there will be no other !!!
An original.
An international porn superstar.

NL-Here are some of his boxcovers-

You can see a lot more of his movies here

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