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Girlfriend Films Responds about Elexis Benefit DVD

 NL- According to GFF’s they gave Elexis over $10,000 toward her expenses. I think that is quite extraordinary.

Here’s GFF’s reply on the forum

As soon as we heard about the severity of Elexis’ health situation we wasted no time in figuring a way how everybody could get involved in helping her out. However, there have been some recent Tweets regarding the benefit movie that we did in order to help her with her personal and medical expenses.

To hear today, via social networking, that some people feel like we haven’t held up our end of the deal, feels like a low blow, and a much undeserved one at that. It leaves me sad and frustrated that after all of our efforts and contributions, our charity donation and benefit wasn’t what some had in mind.

I have combed through all of our press releases and the media coverage eliciting support for Elexis, and I don’t see where the proceeds or profits from the movie sales were included in the drive. I left the recruitment of the performers to Elexis, so it’s difficult to figure how Girlfriends Films could have misrepresented the mission to them.

In truth, we put in a ton of man hours to organize the charity and the promotion surrounding it. If I had to quantify the labor it would exceed $10,000 on its own. Additionally, we gave Elexis our $1000 December charity donation, plus we matched all of the performers’ donations and provided them a scene in which to have funds to donate. When one of the performers in the movie cancelled at the last moment, Girlfriends Films paid her replacement her full fee and covered what would have been her part of the donation ourselves. We also solicited support from Elexis fans and friends, and provided an address and handling of these funds. Our direct monetary support exceeded $10,000.

With the dwindling DVD market, our combined contributions of over $20,000 cut in to any profit on the DVD we may have experienced.

Nobody else stepped forward like we did. And now to be the subject of a public bashing…well, it’s very painful and disappointing. We always try to promote the best public image when it comes to our company, our performers, and the industry at large. Each step forward takes work, planning, energy and, most often, money. Giving us an undeserved public bashing on social network is like suddenly getting sent back ten steps.

Anyway, our continued wishes to Elexis for a speedy recovery.


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